Data, code and models released by NAVER LABS Europe

Large-scale localization indoor datasets

Large-scale localization datasets in crowded indoor spaces.

Five new indoor datasets with over 130K images.

Kapture localization

A toolbox with various localization related algorithms (mapping, localization, benchmarking IR for visual localization).

Relies strongly on the kapture format for data representation and manipulation.


A unified data format to facilitate visual localization and SfM.

Kapture is a file format as well as a set of tools for manipulating datasets, and in particular Visual Localization and Structure from Motion data.


Reliable and Repeatable Detector and Descriptor.

Benchmarked on classic feature matching benchmarks (HPatches) and challenging visual localization datasets.

Deep image retrieval

End-to-end learning of deep visual representations for image retrieval.

Repository contains models and evaluation scripts of papers ‘End-to-end Learning of Deep Visual Representations for Image Retrieval’ & ‘Learning with Average Precision: Training Image Retrieval with a Listwise Loss’.

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