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AI Seminar at the University of Copenhagen: What is the best atomic unit to represent text?

23rd January 2020
Speaker: Matthias Gallé, NAVER LABS Europe Natural Language Processing group lead

Analyzing Information Flow in Transformers

30th January 2020
Speaker: Lena Voita, Yandex Research, University of Amsterdam

2020 Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision

1st - 5th March 2020
Nicolas Monet will present two papers.

From Abstract Specifications to Application Generation

Jose Miguel Pérez-Álvarez, Adrian Mos
ICSE 2020 (42nd International Conference on Software Engineering) - Software Engineering in Society Track. Seoul, South Korea, 23-29 May 2020

Bayesian Network Fisher Kernel for Categorical Feature Spaces

Janne Leppa-aho, Tomi Silander, Teemu Roos
Behaviormetrika, January 2020

Visual exploration of rating datasets and user groups

Fabian ColqueZegarra, Juan C. Carbajal Ipenza, Bernard Omidvar-Tehrani, Viviane P. Moreira, Sihem Amer-Yahia, João L. D. Comba.
Future Generation Computer Systems, 105 (April 2020), pp. 547-561

Lightweight 3D Human Pose Estimation Network Training Using Teacher-Student Learning

Dong-Hyun Hwang, Suntae Kim, Nicolas Monet, Hideki Koike, Soonmin Bae
Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV ’20), Aspen, Colorado, USA, 2 March 2020
13 December 2019

Towards understanding human actions out of context with the Mimetics dataset

This article introduces our recent arxiv preprint on further understanding human actions out of context thanks to the newly introduced Mimetics dataset.
6 December 2019

Explainability Matters in Machine Learning Pipelines

Workshop on methods and measures for explainability and trustworthiness of machine learning pipelines
4 December 2019

R2D2: Repeatable and Reliable Detector and Descriptor

Combining keypoint reliability in an image as part of the keypoint detection problem significantly improves feature matching.



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