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DEVIEW 2019, Seoul, Korea

28th-29th October 2019
3 talks by NAVER LABS Europe scientists at Korea's leading tech conference.

ICCV 2019, Seoul, Korea

We're presenting 3 papers, 2 workshop papers & speaking at TASK-CV.

EMNLP 2019

3rd - 7th November 2019, Asia World Expo in Hong Kong We will present 2 papers at the main conference, 6 workshop papers and 1 paper at ConLL.

R2D2: Reliable and Repeatable Detectors and Descriptors for Joint Sparse Local Keypoint Detection and Feature Extraction

Jérome Revaud, Cesar de Souza, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Martin HumenbergerConference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2019), Vancouver, Canada, 8-14 December, 2019

Mobile Recommendation within a Strong Privacy Oriented Paradigm

Denys Proux, Frédéric Roulland3rd ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Location-based, Recommendations, Geosocial Networks and Geoadvertizing, Chicago, USA, 5 November 2019

Machine Translation of Restaurant Reviews: New Corpus for Domain Adaptation and Robustness

Alexandre Berard, Ioan Calapodescu, Marc Dymetman, Claude Roux, Jean-Luc Meunier, Vassilina NikoulinaWorkshop on Neural Generation and Translation (WNGT 2019), EMNLP, Hong Kong, China, 4 November, 2019

Naver Labs Europe’s Systems for the Document-Level Generation and Translation Task at WNGT 2019

Fahimeh Saleh, Alexandre Berard, Ioan Calapodescu, Laurent BesacierWorkshop on Neural Generation and Translation (WNGT), EMNLP, Hong Kong, China, 4 November, 2019
21 October 2019

Moulding Humans

A new double depth-map representation of the human shape allows to recover 3D details from a single image
18 October 2019

Fine-Grained Action Retrieval from Video

Fine-grained action retrieval made possible thanks to a new annotated dataset and part-of-speech embedding.
5 August 2019
ACL 2019 blog cover

ACL 2019 Trends – our round-up of highlights from this year’s conference

Our favourite papers, talks and workshops. It's a 'long read'!



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