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20 July 2020

PRAIRIE and MIAI International Summer School 2020

20th-24th JULY 2020
The third edition of this AI summer school will be held in Grenoble.
14 April 2020

ECIR 2020

14th - 17th April 2020
2 papers: "Seed-guided Deep Document Clustering" and "Learning to Rank Images with Cross-Modal Graph Convolutions".
The ongoing worldwide COVID-19 situation pushed ECIR 2020 organizers to make the conference an online event.
30 March 2020

EDBT/ICDT 2020 joint conference and co-located workshops

30th March - 2nd April 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-chairing ETMLP workshop at EBDT and presenting 'Culture-Aware POI Category Completion...' at DARLI AP 2020 workshop. Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, physical meetings will not take place but will be turned into online events.
4 March 2020

Julien Perez speaker at IDIAP, Martigny, Switzerland

4th March 2020
Julien Perez: Iterative Reasoning Path Retrieval for Multi-Hop Question Answering
1 March 2020

2020 Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision

1st - 5th March 2020
Papers. 'SINet: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks with Spatial Squeeze Modules and Information Blocking Decoder' & 'Lightweight 3D Human Pose Estimation Network Training Using Teacher-Student Learning'
12 February 2020

“Meet up’ seminar”: Predicting when ML models fail

12th February 2020, London, UK
Speaker: Hady Elsahar
11 February 2020

Discover artificial intelligence through games

11th  February 2020
A training session held at NAVER LABS Europe to bring high school  teachers up-to-speed with the status and challenges of AI and how to include it into their programme.
11 February 2020

2020 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2020)

23rd-28th August 2020, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Tutorial accepted by Gabriela Csurka at al: "Domain Adaptation for Visual Applications"
5 February 2020

Transkribus User Conference 2020

6th - 7th February 2020, Innsbruck, Austria
Hervé Déjean: Visualizing data from parish registers
3 February 2020

Interaction 20, Milan, Italy

2nd-7th February 2020
Danilo Gallo: Reflections from “the Gap” – Shifting from Practice to Research and the Role of Education in Bridging the Gap
13 January 2020

AI Seminar at the University of Copenhagen: What is the best atomic unit to represent text?

23rd January 2020
Speaker: Matthias Gallé, NAVER LABS Europe Natural Language Processing group lead
10 December 2019

IHM 2019 31e conférence Francophone sur l’Interaction Homme-Machine

10th - 13th December 2019 Grenoble, France. NAVER LABS Europe is Gold Sponsor of the 31st "Conférence Francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine".