5 July 2023

disco: a toolkit for controlling language models and other generative models

disco an open source toolkit for controlling language models and other generative models.
3 April 2023
ECIR2023 Blog

NAVER LABS Europe @ECIR 2023

An overview of the 6 papers we're presenting at the European Conference on IR in Dublin this year.

22 December 2022

Highlights of the Humans at the Centre of HRI symposium 2022

This article summarizes the 2022 HRI symposium, organised by NAVER LABS Europe and INRIA. The multidisciplinary event brought together researchers and practitioners from various fields to discuss the latest developments in the domain of human-robot interaction (HRI).
28 September 2022

Highlights of Interspeech 2022

This blog article by Laurent Besacier covers the INTERSPEECH 2022 papers he was most interested in based on his current research interests in self-supervised speech models, scaling speech-to-text models, large language models and ASR architectures and end-to-end speech to text translation.
16 June 2022


NAVER LABS Europe, together with colleagues from NAVER, LINE and WEBTOON will be in New Orleans. Visit the NAVER booth for job opportunities, internships, tech demos and more! 17 papers, workshop keynotes. 

25 February 2022

On multimodal speech-text pre-trained models

Multimodal pre-training has the potential of being a game changer in spoken language processing. In this blog, we review 3 recent papers on the topic published by Meta, Microsoft (and academic partners) and Google

2 December 2021

Deep regression on manifolds: a 3D rotation case study

Theoretical and experimental findings to improve regression applications: a 3D rotation case study. Code.

29 November 2021


A novel, plug and play model for human 3D shape estimation of the body or hands, in videos which is trained by mimicking the BERT algorithm from the natural language processing community.
4 November 2021
Towards high quality multilingual NMT in production

Towards high quality multilingual NMT in production

How to improve the inference speed of large Multilingual NTM models and do fast and parameter-efficient domain and language adaptation with them. Work published at EMNLP and WMT 2021.
29 September 2021
Magnetic Sensor Based Localization

Magnetic sensor-based localization and deep learning

A novel approach to indoor localization that uses magnetic field data from smartphone sensors and deep learning
30 August 2021
Learning Robot Manipulation Blog

Learning robot manipulation – modelling the reachable space of a robot and its inverse mapping

A new approach to learning few-shot imitation agents whereby you simply feed demonstrations of a new test task to the learned policy called DCRL. This new approach has several advantages.
3 August 2021
EBM podcast 2021

Energy Based Models – Podcast

Podcast & edited transcript on Energy Based Models (EBMs). Guests, Hady Elsahar and Marc Dymetman work on EBMs in the field of natural language and co-organised the ICLR 2021 workshop on EBMs.

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