Code and data

Data, code and models released by NAVER LABS Europe.

Title Description Year Code/data Related papers/Blogs
4DHumanOutfit A multi-subject 4D dataset of human motion sequences in varying outfits exhibiting large displacements 2023 Kinovis arXiv
CoSPLADE CoSPLADE: contextualizing SPLADE for conversational information retrieval 2023 GitHub ECIR 2023
PoseFix Correcting 3D Human Poses with Natural Language. 2023 GitHub ICCV 2023
SLACK Stable Learning of Augmentations with Cold-start and KL regularization 2023 GitHub CVPR 2023
Semantic segmentation Reliability in Semantic Segmentation: Are We on the Right Track? 2023 GitHub CVPR 2023
Supervised models No Reason for No Supervision: Improved Generalization in Supervised Models 2023 GitHub ICLR 2023
Synthetic ImageNet clones Fake it till you make it: Learning transferable representations from synthetic ImageNet clones 2023 Pretrained Models CVPR 2023
disco A toolkit for controlling language models and other generative models 2023 GitHub blog/
ARTEMIS ARTEMIS: Attention-based Retrieval with Text-Explicit Matching and Implicit Similarity 2022 GitHub ICLR 2022
CroCo CroCo: Self-Supervised Pre-training for 3D Vision Tasks by Cross-View Completion 2022 GitHub NeurIPS 2022
Expohedron Efficient pareto-optimal fairness-utility amortizations in repeated rankings 2022 GitHub WSDM 2022/
Learning super-features for image retrieval Code for running our FIRe model. 2022 GitHub ICLR 2022
Multilingual machine translation What do compressed multilingual machine translation models forget? 2022 GitHub
Neural feature fusion fields Neural feature fusion fields: 3D distillation of self-supervised 2D image representations 2022 GitHub 3DV 2022
NeuralDiff NeuralDiff: Segmenting 3D objects that move in egocentric videos 2022 GitHub 3DV 2022
PoseBERT A novel, plug and play model for human 3D shape estimation in videos. 2022 GitHub Blog
PoseGPT PoseGPT: quantization-based 3D human motion generation and forecasting 2022 GitHub ECCV 2022
PoseScriptl PoseScript: 3D Human Poses from Natural Language. 2022 GitHub ECCV 2022
SMaLL-100 SMaLL-100: introducing shallow multilingual machine translation model for low-resource languages 2022 GitHub EMNLP 2022
Semantic segmentation On the road to online adaptation for semantic image segmentation 2022 GitHub CVPR 2022
Single-step adversarial Training Make Some Noise: Reliable and Efficient Single-Step Adversarial Training . 2022 GitHub Publication
Zero-shot task generalization Multitask prompted training 2022 GitHub promptsource GitHub t-zero
ICLR 2022
Controlled natural language generation Debiasing large pretrained language models using distributional control. 2021 GitHub ICLR 2021/
Large-scale localization Large-scale localization datasets in crowded indoor spaces 2021 Open Dataset CVPR 2021
NMT Code, model checkpoints, test sets and outputs for 4 multilingual NMT papers (about efficient inference, continual learning, unsupervised NMT and domain adaptation) 2021 Code Blog/
EMNLP 2021/
EMNLP 2021/
WMT 2021/
WMT 2021
SPLADE A sparse bi-encoder BERT-based model achieves effective and efficient first-stage ranking 2021 GitHub SIGIR 2021/
Available Models
Hugging Face
StacMR Scene-Text Aware Cross-Modal Retrieval 2021 GitHub Explore data, CTC /
WACV ’21
TLDR Twin Learning for Dimensionality Reduction. TLDR is a method that is simple, easy to implement and train, and of broad applicability. 2021 GitHub arXiv
Visual representation learning Concept generalization in visual representation learning 2021 GitHub ICCV 2021 / ICCV 2021
COVID-19 NMT Multi-lingual & multi-domain (specialisation for biomedical data) translation model. 2020 GitHub Blog
DCMM Differentiable Cross Modal Model (the code implementing the model introduced in Learning to Rank Images with Cross-Modal Graph Convolutions, ECIR'20). 2020 GitHub ECIR 2020 /
DOPE Distillation of Part Experts for whole-body 3D pose estimation in the wild. 2020 GitHub ECCV 2020/
FORCE Progressive Skeletonization: Trimming more fat from a network at initialization. 2020 GitHub arXiv/
Kapture Kapture is a file format as well as a set of tools for manipulating datasets, and in particular Visual Localization and Structure from Motion data. 2020 GitHub arXiv/
Kapture localization A toolbox with various localization related algorithms (mapping, localization, benchmarking IR for VL). Relies strongly on the kapture format for data representation and manipulation. 2020 GitHub 3DV 2020
LCR-Net release V2.0 Improved pose proposals integration for Multi-person 2D and 3D pose detection in natural images. 2020 GitHub CVPR 2017/
TPAMI 2019
LispE Ultra-minimal version of Lisp. Implementation of fully fledged Lisp interpreter with Data Structure, Pattern Programming and High level Functions with Lazy Evaluation à la Haskell. Comes with editor from TAMGU. 2020 GitHub Code
MOCHI Mixing of Contrastive Hard negatives (MOCHI), data mixing strategies that can be computed on-the-fly with minimal computational overhead, highly transferable visual representations. 2020 Download models NeurIPS2020
SMPLy SMPLy benchmarking 3D human pose estimation in the wild. 2020 Dataset and code Annotations
Virtual KITTI 2 Updated photo-realistic synthetic video dataset designed to learn and evaluate computer vision models for several video understanding tasks: object detection and multi-object tracking, scene-level and instance-level semantic segmentation, optical flow, and depth estimation. 2020 Download dataset arXiv/
Action recognition The test code and models are released under the MIT license. Both the code and models are on GitHub. 2019 Code CVPR 2019/
Domain Shift Prediction A method to predict the drop in accuracy of a trained model. 2019 GitHub EMNLP2019/
MIMETICS Understanding human action recognition. 2019 Dataset arXiv/
Mallscape dataset Dataset addresses all possible POI change scenarios to automatically update complex indoor maps. 2019 Download Mallscape A/
Download Mallscape B
Evaluation code download here
CVPR 2019/
R2D2 Reliable and Repeatable Detector and Descriptor. 2019 GitHub (Code and data) NeurIPs 2019/
Tamgu A Functional, Imperative and Logical programming language for data annotation and augmentation. 2019 GitHub Blog
Virtual gallery dataset Synthetic dataset targeting challenges such as varying lighting conditions and different occlusion levels for tasks such as depth estimation, instance segmentation and visual localization. 2019 Dataset CVPR 2019
Aspect based sentiment analysis dataset Manually annotated new ABSA dataset (different from Semeval2016) from Foursquare comments. 2018 Download dataset WASSA 2018
Regression applications Theoretical and experimental findings to improve regression applications. 2018 GitHub Blog/3DV 2021
ReviewQA A question-answering dataset based on hotel reviews. 2018 GitHub Blog
Deep image retrieval End-to-end learning of deep visual representations for image retrieval. 2017 Models and scripts of papers ICCV 2019/
IJCV 2017/
Procedural human action Videos dataset A diverse, realistic, and physically plausible dataset of human action videos containing 39,982 videos, with more than 1,000 examples for each action of 35 categories. 2017 Dataset download CVPR 2017

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