Data, code and models released by NAVER LABS Europe


The latest version of breakthrough 3D model DUSt3R

Based upon the breakthrough framework, DUSt3R, MASt3R provides metric 3D reconstruction and dense local feature maps capable of handling thousands of images.

DUSt3R: Dense and Unconstrained Stereo 3D Reconstruction

3D reconstruction models made easy

3D reconstruction and visual localization with no user intervention and no priors using only a few images.


Cross-view Completion for 3D vision

Unsupervised representation learning task trained from pairs of images showing the same scene from different viewpoints.

Neural feature fusion fields

3D distillation of self-supervised 2D image representations.

A method that improves dense 2D image feature extractors when the latter are applied to the analysis of multiple images reconstructible as a 3D scene.


NeuralDiff: Segmenting 3D objects that move in egocentric videos.

This repository contains the official implementation of the 3DV 2021 paper.

Large-scale localization indoor datasets

Large-scale localization datasets in crowded indoor spaces.

Five new indoor datasets with over 130K images.

Kapture localization

A toolbox with various localization related algorithms (mapping, localization, benchmarking IR for visual localization).

Relies strongly on the kapture format for data representation and manipulation.


A unified data format to facilitate visual localization and SfM.

Kapture is a file format as well as a set of tools for manipulating datasets, and in particular Visual Localization and Structure from Motion data.

Virtual gallery dataset

Synthetic dataset of a realistic scenario that simulates the scene captured by a robot equipped with 6 cameras for training and photos taken by visitors for testing.

Targets challenges such as varying lighting conditions and different occlusion levels for tasks such as depth estimation, instance segmentation and visual localization.


A lightweight library to deal with 3D rotations in PyTorch.

Theoretical and experimental findings to improve regression applications.

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