Seminars at Naver Labs Europe
14 June 2019

Mapping the Retail World, Every Store, Every Product, Every Day

June 27th - Speaker: Sarjoun Skaff, Cofounder and CTO of Bossa Nova Robotics, US
14 June 2019

Explainable, Verifiable, Relational Representation Learning from Knowledge Graphs

June 27th - Speaker: Pasquale Minervini, Research Associate in Statistical NLP & ML at UCL, London, UK
27 May 2019

Dealing with Imbalanced Data, and, Interpretability via Adversarial Regularization

June 13th - Speaker: Rémi Emonet, Researcher at Laboratoire Hubert Curien
21 May 2019

Learning something from (almost) nothing

June 14th - Speakers: Cristian Cardellino & Milagro Teruel, National University of Cordoba, Argentina.
14 May 2019

Video-ethnographic studies of the interaction with and the use of digital voice assistants at home

May 24th - Speaker: Moustafa Zouinar, Researcher & associate Professor at Orange & CNAM, Paris, France.
14 May 2019

4D Modeling

May 24th - Speaker: Edmond Boyer, senior researcher at INRIA, Grenoble, France where he leads the Morpheo research team
13 May 2019

Ethical Considerations for AI Researchers & A Multifunction Printer Conversational User Interface for the Blind

May 21st - Speaker: Kyle Dent, research area manager at PARC, USA.
13 May 2019

Visual Localization

May 15th - We hosting guests from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Heidelberg who will speak about their respective work on visual localization.
13 May 2019

Structuring legal information at Doctrine: Challenges and solutions

Speaker: Nicolas Fiorini - Arnaud Miribel @ Doctrine
2 May 2019

The motion of Anthropomorphic systems in the Gepetto team of LAAS-CNRS

Speaker: Philippe Souères, research director at LAAS-CNRS & head of the Gepetto team
26 April 2019

Modelling the interplay between visual and textual information for computer vision applications

Speaker: Dimosthenis Karatzas, senior lecturer at the UAB, Barcelona, Spain & associate director of the Computer Vision Centre where he leads the Vision and Language research line.
25 March 2019

Research & Development at Heuritech

Speaker: Charles Ollion, Cofounder & CTO at Heuritech Lecturer in Deep Learning at Master Datascience Paris-Saclay / Epita, France.


Our doors are open to share the knowledge or our international guest speakers.