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13 June 2024

Interpretability of AI system: overview and future directions

13th June 2024.
Speaker: Maxime Peyrard, junior professor, Computer Science Lab (LIG) & NLP team GETALP, University Grenoble Alpes. Please register.
29 April 2024

Compositionality in vision and language

29th April 2024.
Speaker: Ranjay Krishna is an assistant professor at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. Please register.
23 February 2024

Enhancing long-term human-robot interaction: key elements for success

23rd February 2024.
Speaker: Hatice Gunes, full professor and director of the Affective Intelligence and Robotics (AFAR) Lab at the Computer Science and Technology Department of the University of Cambridge. Please register.
20 November 2023

Discriminator-Guided Chain-of-Thought Reasoning

27th November 2023.
Speaker: Muhammad Khalifa, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and intern at the Allen Institute for AI. Please register.
16 May 2023

RQUGE: Reference-Free Metric for Evaluating Question Generation by Answering the Question

16th May 2023.
Speaker: Alireza Mohammadshahi , Ph.D. student, EPFL. data scientist, IDIAP & senior research engineer, University of Zurich. Hybrid seminar. Please register.
2 May 2023

Grounding large language models in interactive environments with online reinforcement learning

3rd May 2023.
Speakers: Thomas Carta, Clément Romac, Olivier Sigaud. Virtual seminar. Please register.
4 April 2023

Talking with Robots: Are we nearly there yet?

4th April 2023.
Speaker: Roger Moore, professor of Spoken Language Processing, University of Sheffield. Virtual seminar. Please register.
28 March 2023

Sketching and topological organization of sparse vectors for probably approximately correct maximum inner product search

28th March 2023.
Speaker: Sebastian Bruch, staff research scientist, Pinecone, USA and visiting scholar, Università Ca' Foscari, Venice, Italy. Virtual seminar. Please register.
23 March 2023

Relational and structural vision with high-order feature transforms

23rd March 2023.
Speaker: Minsu Cho,  visiting faculty researcher, Google Research and associate professor at POSTECH, South Korea, leading the POSTECH Computer Vision Lab. Virtual seminar. Please register.
14 March 2023

Generative IR and diffusion for recommendation

14th  March 2023.
Speaker: Gabriel Benedict, PhD student, University of Amsterdam and researcher, RTL Netherlands. Virtual seminar. Please register.
14 February 2023

Close encounters with robots: state of the art and future challenges

14th February 2023.
Speaker: Gentiane Venture, professor of Robotics, University of Tokyo and cross-appointed fellow, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan. Virtual seminar. Please register.
15 November 2022

Optimal transport for graph-signal processing and learning

15th November 2022,
Speaker: Nicolas Courty, full professor at University Bretagne Sud. Virtual seminar. Please register.

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