Seminars at Naver Labs Europe
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18 November 2020
University Cambridge, wayve

Scalability in autonomous driving

18th November 2020
Speaker: Alex Kendall, co-founder and CEO at Wayve and research fellow in computer vision and robotics at the University of Cambridge Virtual seminar. Please register.
10 November 2020
Kenneth o Stanley seminar

Why open-endedness matters to AI

10th November 2020
Speaker: Kenneth O. Stanley, associate professor of computer science, University of Central Florida and senior research scientist, Uber AI Labs Virtual seminar. Please register.
29 October 2020

OpenMVG: A retrospective on reproducible research with an OpenSource project

29th October 2020

Pierre Moulon, Principal Applied Scientist at Zillow Group, 3D Reconstruction, author of OpenMVG Virtual seminar. Please register.

22 October 2020

Building verbally aware interactive robots: an application perspective

22nd October 2020

Emanuele Bastianelli, Artificial Intelligence research scientist, Philips Virtual seminar. Please register.

15 October 2020
NYU small

Neural Text Degeneration: Consistency and Learning

15th October 2020

Sean Welleck is a PhD student at New York University, advised by Kyunghyun Cho and Zheng Zhang.

14 October 2020

AI for robotics applied to metrology

14th October 2020

Vincent DOUX, R&D project team manager, Metrologic Group Virtual seminar. Please register.

8 October 2020

From data to models and back: Experiences from Google’s production ML pipelines

8th October 2020

Neoklis (Alkis) Polyzotis, research scientist at Google Research Virtual seminar. Please register.

30 September 2020
University California. San Diego USA

Causal Algorithmic Fairness and Transparency

30th September 2020
Speaker: Babak Salimi, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego, USA Virtual seminar. Please register.
23 July 2020
Google research

Reinforcement learning with human feedback for neural machine translation

23rd July 2020
Speaker: Julia Kreutzer, Research Scientist @GoogleAI
21 July 2020
upv logo

Time series data mining challenges

23rd July 2020
Speaker: Usue Mori, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain
30 June 2020

Science communication and recommendation

30th June 2020
Speaker: Lê Nguyên Hoang, mediateur scientifique” at Ecole Polythechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), YouTuber (Science4All)
25 June 2020

Adapting Transformer models for document-level natural language tasks

25th June  2020
Speaker: Arman Cohan,  research scientist at the Allen Institute for AI


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