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8 September 2022

Optimizing generalized Gini indices for fairness in rankings

8th September 2022,
Speaker: Virginie Do, PhD candidate in Computer Science at Université Paris Dauphine – PSL and Meta AI. Virtual seminar. Please register.
8 July 2022

Understanding performance of long-document ranking models through comprehensive evaluation and leaderboarding

8th July 2022,
Speaker: Leonid Boytsov, researcher at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI). Virtual seminar. Please register.
16 June 2022

A quick glance at visual few-shot classification

16th June 2022,
Speaker: Vincent Gripon, director of research, IMT Atlantique and head of the BRAIn research team. Virtual seminar. Please register.
14 June 2022

Recent advances in neural information retrieval

14th June 2022,
Speaker: Guido Zuccon, Associate Professor at The University of Queensland, leader of @IELabGroup, Information Retrieval researcher. Virtual seminar. Please register.
9 June 2022

Could a purely self-supervised foundation model achieve grounded language understanding?

9th June 2022,
Speaker: Christopher Potts,  professor of Computer Science at Stanford, Stanford NLP Group and Stanford AI Lab. Virtual seminar. Please register.
19 May 2022

Cleanlab 2.0: Making ML work with messy, real-world data

19th May 2022,
Speaker: Curtis Northcutt,  computer scientist and CEO and co-founder of Cleanlab. Virtual seminar. Please register.
12 May 2022

Self-supervised frameworks for 3D human pose estimation

12th May 2022,
Speaker: Jogendra Nath Kundu, PhD student at Video Analytics Lab, CDS, Indian Institute of Science. Virtual seminar. Please register.
12 April 2022

The Open Catalyst Project: using AI to help address climate change

12th April 2022,
Speaker: Larry Zitnick, Meta research. Virtual seminar. Please register.
17 March 2022

Quality diversity optimization, from robotics to automated design

17th March 2022,
Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Mouret, researcher, Inria. Virtual seminar. Please register.
10 March 2022

Blockchain and crypto: from lines of codes to global monetary system and the other way around

10th March 2022,
Speaker: Ivan de Lastours, Blockchain lead, Bpifrance. Virtual seminar. Please register.
8 March 2022

The ‘Problematic Paper Screener’

8th March 2022,
Speakers: Cyril Labbé & Guillaume Cabanac. Virtual seminar. Please register.
3 March 2022

Unsupervised domain adaptation for neural search

3rd March 2022,
Speaker: Nils Reimers, NLP researcher at HUGGING FACE. Virtual seminar. Please register.

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