Seminars at Naver Labs Europe
28 January 2021

Learning with sparse latent structure

26th January 2021
Speaker: Vlad Niculae, assistant professor, Language Technology Lab, University of Amsterdam.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
14 January 2021

Vision for assistive artificial intelligence

14th January 2021
Speaker: Alessio Del Bue,  PAVIS (Pattern Analyisis and computer VISion), Institute of Technology (IIT), Genova, Italy.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
15 December 2020

Can you trust your GNN? Certifiable robustness of machine learning for graphs

15th December 2020
Speaker: Stephan Günnemann, professor TUM, Department of Informatics, and acting director of the Munich Data Science Institute.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
8 December 2020

Expressivity and learnability: linear regions in deep ReLU networks

8th December 2020
Speaker: David Rolnick, assistant professor of computer science at McGill University
Virtual seminar. Please register.
3 December 2020
NorLAB logo

From subarctic to subterranean environments: how to raise experimental quality through field robotics

3rd December 2020
Speaker: François Pomerleau, assistant professor in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department at Laval University and director of the Northern Robotics Laboratory (Norlab). Please register. Open to the public. Registration details on page.
24 November 2020

Safer driving AI with limited supervision

24th November 2020
Speaker: Patrick Pérez, scientific director, Virtual seminar. Please register online at least one hour before event.
19 November 2020

On the happy marriage of kernel methods and deep learning

19th November 2020
Speaker: Julien Mairal, research scientist, Inria Grenoble, Thoth research team Virtual seminar. Please register.
18 November 2020
University Cambridge, wayve

Scalability in autonomous driving

18th November 2020
Speaker: Alex Kendall, co-founder and CEO at Wayve and research fellow in computer vision and robotics at the University of Cambridge Virtual seminar. Please register.
17 November 2020

Theory & systems for weak supervision

17th November 2020
Speaker: Christopher Ré, Stanford AI Lab (SAIL) Virtual seminar. Please register.
10 November 2020
Kenneth o Stanley seminar

Why open-endedness matters to AI

10th November 2020
Speaker: Kenneth O. Stanley, Open-endedness Team Leader at OpenAI. Previously: Uber AI, University of Central Florida. Virtual seminar. Please register.
29 October 2020

OpenMVG: A retrospective on reproducible research with an OpenSource project

29th October 2020

Pierre Moulon, Principal Applied Scientist at Zillow Group, 3D Reconstruction, author of OpenMVG Virtual seminar. Please register.

22 October 2020

Building verbally aware interactive robots: an application perspective

22nd October 2020

Emanuele Bastianelli, Artificial Intelligence research scientist, Philips Virtual seminar. Please register.


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