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5 May 2021
Google Research

Advances in TF-ranking: learning-to-rank in Tensorflow

6th May 2021
Speaker: Michael Bendersky, Google Research. Virtual seminar. Please register.
22 April 2021

My robot gets me: how social interaction drives design

22nd April 2021
Speaker: Carla Diana is a designer, author, and educator who explores the impact of future technologies through hands-on experiments in product design and tangible interaction. Virtual seminar. Please register.
15 April 2021

Anthropology as UX research: promoting human-centered evaluation of a deep learning system for the detection of diabetic retinopathy

15th April 2021
Speaker: Elizabeth Baylor, applied anthropologist and lead User Experience researcher at Google's Engineering Compliance. Virtual seminar. Please register.
13 April 2021

Language and justice: reconsidering harms in NLP systems and practices

13th April 2021
Speaker:Su Lin Blodgett, postdoctoral researcher in the Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE) group, Microsoft Research, Montréal, Canada
Virtual seminar. Please register.
25 March 2021
Google DeepMind

A tale of three implicit planners and the XLVIN agent

25th March 2021
Speaker: Petar Velickovic, senior research scientist at DeepMind.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
11 March 2021

HCI for societal impact

11th March 2021
Speaker: Jacki O’Neill, founding director of Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI).
Virtual seminar. Please register.
4 March 2021
Penn State logo

How platform design impacts work in the gig-economy

4th March 2021
Speaker: Benjamin V. Hanrahan, assistant professor at the College of Information Sciences and Technologies at Penn State.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
19 February 2021
Stanford Logo

Scaling reinforcement learning to large interactive environments and long-horizon robotic tasks

22nd February 2021
Speaker: Fei Xia, PhD student at Stanford University.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
19 February 2021
Gepetto CNSRS

Learning to walk: optimizing trajectories and policies for real robots and dynamic tasks

23rd February 2021
Speaker: Nicolas Mansard, senior researcher, Gepetto,  LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France.
Virtual seminar. Please register.
16 February 2021

Amazon behind the scenes

16th February 2021
Speaker: Martin Angioni, consultant, former country manager Amazon Italy
Virtual seminar. Please register.
9 February 2021
CIS_Queen Mary University

Multi-modal learning for robot perception

9th February 2021
Speaker: Andrea Cavallaro, Professor of Multimedia Signal Processing, founding Director of the Centre for Intelligent Sensing, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Virtual seminar. Please register.
4 February 2021
Renault logo

From driver assistance to autonomous driving: key challenges for system ergonomics

4th February 2021
Speaker:  Xavier Chalandon, Renault HMI expert leader, Alliance HMI customer performance leader
Virtual seminar. Please register.

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