DEVIEW 2019, Seoul, Korea - Naver Labs Europe
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Deview 201928th October –  29th October 2019, COEX, Seoul, Korea

DEVIEW 2019, Korea’s leading annual tech conference will bring together approximatively 3000 local and foreign software developers and tech industry officials. NAVER LABS Europe will be giving 3 presentations and also be present at the NAVER LABS booth.

Day 1:

13:15-14:00: Stephane ClinchantPapago: Engineering BERT into NMT

Publication: On the use of BERT for Neural Machine Translation, Stephane Clinchant, Kweon Woo Jung, Vassilina Nikoulina

13:15-14:00: Gregory Rogez:  Deep Learning for Human Sensing from Visual Data.

14:15-15:00: Martin Humenberger: When Deep Learning meets Visual Localization

ICCV 2019 coverThis year ICCV is co-located and overlapping with Deview (also COEX Convention Center, 27th October –  2nd November 2019). We have 3 papers at the ICCV main conference and two workshop papers.