CVPR 2019, Long Beach, CA, USA - Naver Labs Europe
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NAVER LABS and NAVER LINE are Platinum Sponsors of CVPR2019.

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NAVER LABS Europe ranked 1st in the long-term visual localization challenge at CVPR 2019 in the “local feature” category. Our novel approach, which outperformed recent methods, will be presented at the workshop on June 17th at 4.40pm. If you can’t be there – read the blog!

More information on the challenge and different visual localization scenarios.

Accepted papers:

Workshop papers:

NAVER LABS Europe is co-organizing the following workshops:

Embedded Vision Workshop

Martin Humenberger is a General Chair of the Organising Committee of the workshop

3D HUMANS 2019

2nd International Workshop on HUman pose, Motion, Activities aNd Shape in 3D

Co-organiser of the workshop: Grégory Rogez

FFSS-USAD workshop

Understanding Subjective Attributes of Data: Focus on Fashion and Subjective Search

Co-organizer of the workshop: Diane Larlus

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