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Getting a deep understanding of our environment to design services with which we can seamlessly interact.




  • A paper on our work on crowdsourcing just came out on the CSCW International Journal.

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Seamless interaction through voice and gesture with our augmented environments and daily objects requires very careful understanding of the types of services that are appropriate for such an environment as well as how best to interface and support them. We’re making advances towards this ambitious goal by coupling AI experts with scientists and designers whose mission is to study users, propose intelligent valued services and verify that users easily accept them.

Our team is an interdisciplinary mix of experts including ethnographers with a strong ethnomethodological orientation and CSCW/HCI scientists and designers, who explore Ambient Intelligence with a focus in the areas of assisted mobility and augmented information access.

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UX and Ethnography team:

Cécile Boulard
Adrien Bruyat
Danilo Gallo
Antonietta Grasso