The 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Florence, Italy - Naver Labs Europe
ACL 2019 cover

ACL 2019 cover****READ THE BLOG ABOUT ACL – Posted Aug 5th****

28th July to 2nd August 2019

NAVER LABS Europe along with the NAVER NLP group are Gold sponsors of ACL19. We’re also a Diversity & Inclusion Ally.

We hope you’ll be able to come see us on the booth where our researchers in Natural Language Processing will be there to discuss research, career opportunities, our residency program and other collaborations. We’ll be there from Monday July 29th to Wednesday July 31st presenting the open source technology Tamgu we’ve just release for creating and annotating datasets as well as our (winning!) results of the robustness challenge of WMT19 which co-located with ACL on August 1st and 2nd.

August 1st and 2nd: 4th Conference on Machine Translation (WMT19)

Alexandre Berard presenting our winning WMT results on the robustness challenge. Here a link to our blog article explaining NLE’s models.

August 2nd: NAVER LABS Europe is a sponsor of the following 2 workshops.

Deep Learning & Formal Languages: Building Bridges

Jason Eisner, Matthias Gallé, Jeffrey Heinz, Ariadna Quattoni and Guillaume Rabusseau

From NAVER LABS Europe, Matthias Galle, Organizing committee & Marc Dymetman, Program Committee

4th Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP (RepL4NLP-2019)

Isabelle Augenstein, Spandana Gella, Sebastian Ruder, Katharina Kann, Burcu Can, Johannes Welbl, Alexis Conneau, Xiang Ren and Marek Rei