The 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), Florence, Italy - Naver Labs Europe
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ACL 2019 cover28th July to 2nd August 2019

NAVER LABS Europe along with the NAVER NLP group are Gold sponsors of ACL19. We’re also a Diversity & Inclusion Ally.

Come and meet us on our booth. Natural Language Processing researchers will be there to discuss research, career opportunities, our internship program and collaborations. Also: Discover Tamgu , the programming language to help create, annotate and augment corpora and data.

1st  – 2nd August 2019: 4th Conference on Machine Translation
WMT 2019 Robustness Competition: NAVER LABS Europe came first in the leading international machine translation challenge called WMT. Read more about the NAVER LABS model which combines corpus filtering, domain adaptation and robustness techniques.
Alexandre Berard portraitAlexandre Berard  will be there and present the model.

2nd August 2019: NAVER LABS Europe is a sponsor of two workshops:

Deep Learning and Formal Languages: Building Bridges Workshop

Jason Eisner, Matthias Gallé, Jeffrey Heinz, Ariadna Quattoni and Guillaume Rabusseau: Deep Learning & Formal Languages: Building Bridges

Matthias Galle portraitMatthias Galle, member of the Organizing Committee

Marc Dymetman portraitMarc Dymetman, member of the Program Committee

Blog article: ACL 2019 Trends – our round-up of highlights from this year’s conference

ACL2019 Booth photo

NAVER + NAVER LABS Europe booth at ACL 2019

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