NeurIPS 2020 - Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems - Naver Labs Europe

Gold supporters of NeurIPS 2020.

3rd Robot Learning Workshop: Grounding Machine Learning Development in the Real World

Paper: Transformer-based meta-Imitation learning for robotic manipulation, Julien Perez, Theo Cachet, Seungsu Kim

NAVER LABS Europe is a co-organiser and supporter (best paper, complimentary registrations) of the workshop.

JulienPerez Podcast
Robot learning workshop at NeurIPS2020 – podcast with Julien Perez
hamlets workshop

HAMLETS (Human And Machine in-the-Loop Evaluation and Learning Strategies) workshop

Paper: Robust active learning strategies for model variability, Jose Mena Roldan, Matthias Gallé

15th Women in Machine Learning Workshop (WiML 2020)

NAVER LABS Europe is a bronze sponsor of the WiML workshop.


Images from the joint NAVER LABS Europe and NAVER Clova booth at NeurIPS 2019.

booth_NeurIPS 2019 -2
NeuIPS 2019 booth
booth NeurIPS 2019