MIAI@Grenoble Alpes organises the MIAI-DAY 2020 - Naver Labs Europe
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9th October 2020, World Trade Center, Grenoble, France.

The MIAI-DAY will take place within the framework of the Festival Tansfo 2020, on the the thematic of “Wich Digital for the planet? “

Diane Larlus

Diane Larlus

Invited keynote speaker: Diane Larlus

11:30 am – 12:00: Learning generic and transferrable visual representations with weak supervision 

Abstract: Computer vision has found its way towards an increasingly large number of applications, thanks to the recent success of deep learning approaches. One key part of this success is linked to the development of large and powerful deep learning architectures able to produce visual features that are generic enough to be applied directly to – or to be the starting point of – a large variety of tasks. Yet, training all the weights of such generic architectures requires large-scale data, extensive human annotations, and heavy computational resources. In order to reduce the training cost of transferable descriptors, recent approaches have looked at ways to allow for noisy, fewer, or even no annotations to perform such pretraining. This presentation will cover two of our recent contributions in this research direction. They are part of the MIAI Chair on lifelong representation learning.
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NAVER LABS Europe is a founding partner of MIAI.
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