Bienal BIT conference Mundos Transmutados 2020 - Naver Labs Europe
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15th – 18th October 2020
This 3rd edition of Bienal BIT is called “Transmuted Worlds”.

Bienal BIT addresses global environmental change as a central theme, proposing itself as a platform to reflect, investigate and test new ways of approaching different problems and therefore new models of thought, through the interaction between art, science and technology.


3eme BIT
Danilo Gallo

Danilo Gallo, UX and Ethnography team, is on the advisory board.

16th October 2020, 10pm (CET – GMT +01.00): Danilo Gallo speaking (in Spanish) about the impact of AI on our every day lives and related work at NAVER LABS Europe. More information.