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11 March 2019
Gaussian Embeddings Hybrid cover

Gaussian Embeddings for Hybrid Collaborative Filtering

Speaker: Benjamin Piwowarski, researcher CNRS, France
8 March 2019
Big Mother cover

Big Mother – how AI and algorithms are reshaping power and control in the digital era

Speaker: Philippe Vion-Dury, journalist and editor of Socialter magazine.
8 February 2019
Dense image labeling cover

Dense image labeling for image matching and instance segmentation

Speaker: David Novotny, Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research, London, UK. David was previously a DPhil student in the Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford in collaboration with NAVER LABS Europe, supervised by Diane Larlus and Prof. Andrea Vedaldi.
19 October 2018
post-AlphaGo cover

The “post-AlphaGo” Go world

Speaker: Inseong Hwang, educator at French Go Federation, Grenoble, France
21 June 2018
Centrale Supelec cover

A random matrix approach to machine learning

Speaker: Romain Couillet, professor at Centrale-Supélec, Saclay, France, researcher at Université Grenoble-Alpes, Gipsa lab, Grenoble, France
15 June 2018
Centrale Supelec cover

Invariance and invertibility

Speaker: Edouard Oyallon, assistant professor at Centrale Supélec, Paris, France
24 May 2018

Austrian Institute of Technology

Speaker: Oliver Zendel, researcher at Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria
10 April 2018
Inria seminars cover

Computer Vision and graphics applied to digital video compositing and motion-design

Speaker: Alexandre Gauthier-Foichat, startup manager at Inria, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Montbonnot, France
19 March 2018

CNTK: fast deep learning for research and production

Speaker: William Darling, applied scientist at Microsoft, Munich, Germany
28 February 2018

Towards end-to-end information extraction with deep learning

Speaker: Rasmus Berg Palm, doctoral candidate at Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark
23 February 2018

Recent advances and future challenges in handwritten text recognition

Speaker: Joan Puigcerver, doctoral candidate at Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain
14 February 2018

Project Calypso: machine learning for online advertising and recommender systems

Speaker: Charlotte Laclau, post-doctoral researcher at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, Grenoble, France


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