NAVER at ACL 2020 - Naver Labs Europe

ACL 2020

5th-10th July 2020

NAVER and NAVER LABS Europe are ACL Silver sponsors 

NAVER virtual ACL booth

NAVER is Korea’s premier internet company and a global leader in online services like NAVER search (30M DAU), LINE messaging (164M MAU) and WEBTOON (62M MAU). NAVER invests nearly 30 percent of revenue in R&D and, through advanced technology, is seamlessly connecting the physical and digital worlds. Its AI and Robotics research in Asia and Europe is fundamental to creating this future. Innovation is but one core value. Others are knowledge sharing, diversity and respect.

Papago: the popular neural machine translation cloud service from NAVER.

NAVER LABS Europe, the biggest industrial research lab in AI in France. NLP, search and recommendation, computer vision, optimization, UX & ethnography.

NAVER Corporation, Korea’s premier Internet company and a global leader in online services. 5th biggest global search engine.

NAVER at ACL 2019
NAVER ∣ NAVER LABS Europe team at ACL 2019, Florence, Italy.
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Matthias Galle at ACL 2020

Tuesday July 7th 0400 – 0445 PDT [1100 – 1145 GMT  ∣ 1300 – 1345 CEST ∣ 2000 – 2045 KST]
NLP at NAVER LABS Europe: a live discussion
In this session our NLP research lead, Matthias Gallé, will give an overview of our latest activities, focusing in particular on the topic of learning with less supervision (unsupervised summarization, zero-shot NMT, etc).  A large part of the slot will be dedicated to questions. He’ll also present ALPS an NLP winter school scheduled for January 2021 in the French alps!

NAVER LABS Europe is the largest French industrial research centre in AI. We publish and participate at top-tier conferences, co-organise events, host students and professors and liaise with product groups.

Speaker: Matthias Gallé, NAVER LABS Europe

Wednesday July 8th 0300 – 0330 PDT [1000 – 1030 GMT  ∣ 1200 – 1230 CEST ∣ 1900 – 1930 KST]

NLP Research & Services of NAVER: Papago machine translation
Papago is an online translation service provided by NAVER. The MT team within Papago focuses on advancing machine translation quality, mostly for Eastern Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese. In this session, we will discuss some major research topics of the team and the methods we use to enhance the user experience (ex: honorific translation, translation evaluation). We’ll also share results from our collaboration with the NAVER LABS Europe machine translation team, who recently provided high-quality translations for COVID-19 related phrases.

Introduction to Papago MT and NAVER LABS Europe MT

Speaker: Lucy Park (Papago), Ioan Calapodescu, Vassilina Nikoulina , Stéphane Clinchant (NAVER LABS Europe)

Papago interactive session ACL 2020
Open Domain at ACL2020

Wednesday July 8th 0330 – 0400 PDT  [1030 – 1100 GMT ∣ 1230-1300 CEST ∣ 1930 – 2000 KST]
NLP Research & Services of NAVER: Open Domain Question Answering
Clova AI is the “AI-First” team within NAVER & LINE conducting high-impact research in a wide range of domains to empower various AI-driven products in and out of the company. Clova AI publish at top-tier NLP, machine learning and computer vision conferences. In this session, we will present our recent research findings and new products in conversational agents, document information extraction and question answering.

Speaker: Minjoon Seo (Clova AI, NAVER)

Wednesday July 8th 0400 – 0430 PDT  [1100 – 1130 GMT ∣ 1300-1330 CEST ∣ 2000 – 2030 KST]
NLP Research & Services of NAVER: Conversational AI
NAVER focuses on both researching NLP technologies and on disseminating AI-powered products to customers. In this session, we will share our experience in deploying conversational AI technologies into commercialised AI-powered products such as smart speakers, set top boxes and vehicle infotainment systems. We’ll also briefly introduce our ongoing answer snippet extraction.

Speakers: Kyungduk Kim, Hyeon-gu Lee (NLP, NAVER)

Conversational AI at ACL 2020

Publications at ACL 2020

Monday July 6th UTC+0

06:00–07:00 Session 1B Dialogue and Interactive Systems-2 &
17:00–18:00 Session 4A Dialogue and Interactive Systems-7

[Long] Efficient Dialogue State Tracking by Selectively Overwriting Memory.
Authors: Sungdong Kim, Sohee Yang, Gyuwan Kim, Sang-Woo Lee

Monday July 6th UTC+0 

06:00–07:00 Session 1B Question Answering-1 &

17:00–18:00 Session 4A Question Answering-3

[Short] Contextualized Sparse Representations for Real-Time Open-Domain Question Answering. Authors: Jinhyuk Lee, Minjoon Seo, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Jaewoo Kang​

NAVER and NAVER LABS publish annually at ACL, EMNLP, SIGIR, RecSys, NeurIPS, ICML, CVPR, ECCV and many other conferences.

More publications are listed here:

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Would you like to join one of the world’s most innovative companies and
have impact on the lives of millions of people?

NAVER HQ ‘Green Factory’, Seongnam, Korea

NAVER was recognised as a top employer and company university students would like to work for in South Korea for 3 consecutive years (2016 – 2019)

NAVER LABS Europe event
NAVER LABS Europe, Grenoble, France
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NAVER is fundamentally different


Diversity is the reason NAVER came into existence in 1999.

The need to provide alternatives is a fundamental core value for a healthy society.

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We value different ways of thinking about the world and different perceptions of the world.

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We try to create an inclusive workplace where respect reigns. A place where everyone can be themselves.

Recent News:

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A state-of-the-art multilingual and multi-domain neural machine translation model specialised for biomedical data
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