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Entrepreneurs and Startups

NAVER is committed to making the market more diverse and helps stimulate the growth of new technologies and services. NAVER not only invests directly in the growth of tech startups, it also offers exclusive workspaces with product and service development.

Space Green_Station F
Space Green, Naver's startup incubating facility at Station F.

Space Green is the NAVER / LINE incubator DOER program at Station F where up to 80 entrepreneurs in the internet consumer space can work with the NAVER team and be part of the bigger Station F ecosystem. Learn more about the DOER program and apply to join online!

Station F is the world’s largest startup campus. Located in central Paris it has over 1000 startups and over 30 programs. .
NAVER / LINE are founding partners of Station F which opened in the summer of 2017.

The NAVER tech startup accelerator in Korea is knows as D2SF

To boost the potential of European startups, in particular in artificial intelligence, and to help put these young business in contact with the Asian market NAVER has invested €200M in Korelya Capital.

Companies they have invested in include Bitfury, Memrise and Ledger…

Korelya Capital logo image
Korelya Capital is a VC firm that supports European tech start-ups in their growth in Asia.

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