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26 July 2018
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CVPR 2018 – Part 4: 3D Scene Understanding

This is our fourth and final article on CVPR2018. Lots of new approaches on the (3D) scene and some new datasets to look at.
26 July 2018
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CVPR 2018 – Part 3: Image Retrieval

The third article in our four-part series on CVPR. Fashion, landmarks and breaking the SIFT descriptor record!
25 July 2018
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CVPR 2018 – Part 2: Embedded Vision and Visual Localization

The second article in the four-part series on CVPR 2018. Highlights on embedded vision and visual localization.
25 July 2018
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CVPR 2018 – Part 1: Pose estimation

This 4 part blog series is co-authored by computer vision scientists who went to the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference in Salt Lake City this year at the end of June.
20 July 2018
PRAIRIE summer school in AI photo NAVER LABS Europe members

PRAIRIE summer school in AI (PAISS)

​The PRAIRIE summer school in AI (PAISS) was ‘the best summer school we’ve ever organised’.
31 May 2018
Information on PAISS with photos of students invited

Students at PAISS

NAVER LABS Europe is helping students take part in PAISS Summer School in AI.
13 April 2018
A Road with line and arrow

Marketing Innovation and Technology Meeting

Part of the answer lies in including users early on in the innovation process, striving for more agility, making innovation everyone’s job and, not least, […]
3 April 2018
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France, an internationally applauded leader for its artificial intelligence skills but, to a lesser extent for, its AI industry or technology, has just announced its national AI strategy.
20 March 2018
Figure 1 illustrating image of vertical slicing in organization

Technology innovation needs research and agility – have you ever been experienced

In creating innovative technology, I’ve often been confronted with the difficulty of coupling research with an agile approach to a problem. This article is a […]
7 March 2018
Photo of a girl with case around her finger print

Ambient Intelligence needs human understanding to be usable, useful and ethical

Ethnography has become an established methodology in designing technology for people. Invited to speak at an “Innovation and Design” symposium [1] a few months ago, […]
9 February 2018
Improving deep neural nets for person illustrating image

Improving deep neural nets for person Re-ID

The person search task of recognizing individuals across different images, also known as person re-identification, has become increasingly popular because of so many uses it […]