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3rd September 2019

Diane LarlusDiane Larlus: Invited speaker for the International Master induction week, at the University Jean-Monnet-Saint-Étienne.

Title: “Computer vision and machine learning at NAVER LABS Europe”.

Abstract: NAVER LABS Europe is the biggest industrial research lab in artificial intelligence in France and is part of NAVER LABS, an ambient intelligence technology company owned by NAVER Corporation, Korea’s leading internet content services company and one of the world’s most innovative companies. Ambient intelligence technology has an organic understanding of users and their contexts to provide meaningful and useful services at any time. Areas of application include machine translation, aspect based sentiment mining, news recommendations, semantic mapping of indoor and outdoor environments, 3D environment reconstruction, robot navigation, multimodal mobility and shopping services. The primary areas of research at NAVER LABS Europe are computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning and optimization. In this talk, I will present some concrete applications of the research conducted in the computer vision group and in the rest of the lab.