Julien Perez at Paris NLP Season 3 Meetup #4: Machine Reading - Naver Labs Europe
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meetup logo27th March 2019

Julien PerezJulien Perez, group lead Machine Learning and Optimization (MLO) will give a talk: Machine reading, recent advances and open questions: Over the last 5 years, differentiable programming and deep learning have become the-facto standard on a vast set of decision problems of data science. Three factors have enabled this rapid evolution. First, the availability and systematic collection of data have enabled to gather and leverage large quantities of traces of intelligent behavior. Second, the development of standardized development framework has dramatically accelerated the development of differentiable programming and its applications to the major’s modalities of the numerical world, image, text, and sound. Third, the availability of powerful and affordable computational infrastructure have enabled this new step toward machine intelligence….
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