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12th-18th July 2020

ICML 2020 is virtual this year.

Publication: A quantile-based approach for hyperparameter transfer learning,
Author: David Salinas, Huibin Shen, Valerio Perrone

Thu Jul 16 01:00 PM — 01:45 PM & Fri Jul 17 01:00 AM — 01:45 AM (PDT)

WiMLWiML Virtual Un-Workshop @ ICML 2020

Monday, July 13th, 2020

Naila MurrayInvited speaker: Naila Murray, NAVER LABS Europe Scientific Director.

Predicting aesthetic appreciation of images

Abstract: Image aesthetics has become an important criterion for visual content curation on social media sites and media content repositories. Previous work on aesthetic prediction models in the computer vision community has focused on aesthetic score prediction or binary image labeling. However, raw aesthetic annotations are in the form of score histograms and provide richer and more precise information than binary labels or mean scores. In this talk I will present recent work at NAVER LABS Europe on the rarely-studied problem of predicting aesthetic score distributions. The talk will cover the large-scale dataset we collected for this problem, called AVA, and will describe the novel deep architecture and training procedure for our score distribution model. Our model achieves state-of-the-art results on AVA for three tasks: (i) aesthetic quality classification; (ii) aesthetic score regression; and (iii) aesthetic score distribution prediction, all while using one model trained only for the distribution prediction task. I will also discuss our proposed method for modifying an image such that its predicted aesthetics changes, and describe how this modification can be used to gain insight into our model.

WiML Program

Some memories of last year’s ICML, Long Beach, CA, USA

NAVER LABS EUROPE and the NAVER Clova AI team on the NAVER booth at ICML 2019.

ICML booth photo
ICML booth photo
ICML booth photo
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