Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing conference (EMNLP) 2020 - Naver Labs Europe

16th –  20th November 2020

EMNLP 2020 is a virtual event.

Masakhane community (including Hady Elsahar, NAVER LABS Europe)
Published in ‘Findings of EMNLP‘, a digital only venue and companion to ACL-EMNLP.

NAVER and NAVER LABS Europe are silver sponsors of EMNLP 2020.

More information:  ‘NAVER at EMNLP 2020‘.

5th Conference on Machine Translation (WMT20), 19-20 November

NLP COVID-19 workshop: 19-20 November

A multi-lingual neural machine translation model for biomedical data, Alexandre Berard, Zae Myung Kim, Vassilina Nikoulina, Eunjeong Lucy Park, Matthias Gallé

Read the blog on this model ‘A machine translation model for Covid-19 research ‘.

NLP COVID-19 Workshop, November 19-20