Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing conference (EMNLP) 2020 - Naver Labs Europe
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16th –  20th November 2020

EMNLP 2020 is a virtual event.

Monolingual adapters for zero-shot neural machine translation (short paper)
Jerin Philip, Alexandre Berard, Matthias Gallé and Laurent Besacier.
Participatory research for low-resourced machine translation: a case study in African languages
Masakhane community (including Hady Elsahar, NAVER LABS Europe)
Published in ‘Findings of EMNLP‘, a digital only venue and companion to ACL-EMNLP.

NAVER and NAVER LABS Europe are silver sponsors of EMNLP 2020.

A multi-lingual neural machine translation model for biomedical data, Vassilina NikoulinaAlexandre BerardMatthias Gallé

NLP COVID-19 Workshop, November 19-20