EM Lyon Business School: People and AI: Value-Driven Design for Intelligent Systems - Naver Labs Europe
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EM_AIM_institute26th November 2019, Lyon, France

The EM Lyon business school Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Management (AIM): 12:00 – 13:45 Amphi Calori, Building B

People and AI: Value-Driven Design for Intelligent Systems” by Yihyun LIMDirector MIT Design Lab, MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

blankDiscussant: Patrick Mazeau, NAVER LABS Europoe Business Relations and Marketing lead: From artificial intelligence to hybrid synthetic-biological materials, recent technological developments are reshaping the way we experience the tangible world. We’re seeing manifestations of these emerging technologies applied in our everyday products as well, such as in virtual assistants and multi-modal interfaces. As products with varied forms of intelligences become more embedded in our daily lives, it is opportune time to think about designing value-driven experiences to bring new meaning to user experiences. This presentation will address these topics and highlight ongoing work at MIT Design Lab, with a focus on design methodologies adopted at the Lab to envision meaningful experiences between people and intelligent systems.

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