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blank ‘Discovering Artificial Intelligence (AI) by playing is a new action for professional development for middle and high school teachers by the Maison pour la Science (Alpes-Dauphiné) and NAVER LABS Europe. The goal of these 2 day sessions is to help teachers become capable of explaining AI, its challenges and stakes, and to give them the tools to include it into the syllabus of their classes with children aged 11 years and more.
This initiative is part of the AI training action of MIAI, the 3IA Institute in Grenoble. NAVER LABS Europe is a partner of MIAI and PRAIRIE in Paris.

11th February 2020: Day 2 of a session held at NAVER LABS Europe.


Diane Larlus, senior scientist at NAVER LABS Europe teaching reinforcement learning with the matchstick game in a hands-on session.