Ethical Considerations for AI Researchers & A Multifunction Printer Conversational User Interface for the Blind - Naver Labs Europe
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PARC logo NAVER LABS Europe is hosting a guest from PARC.

The seminar run from 11am to 12pm.

Date: 21st May 2019

Speaker: Kyle Dent, research area manager at PARC, USA.

Title: Ethical Considerations for AI Researchers
Abstract: Use of artificial intelligence is growing and expanding into applications that impact people’s lives. People trust their technology without really understanding it or its limitations. There is the potential for harm and we are already seeing examples of that in the world. AI researchers have an obligation to consider the impact of intelligent applications they work on. While the ethics of AI is not clear-cut, there are guidelines we can consider to minimize the harm we might introduce.

Title: A Multifunction Printer Conversational User Interface for the Blind
Abstract: Advances in interface design using touch surfaces creates greater obstacles for blind and visually impaired users of technology. Conversational user interfaces offer a reasonable alternative for interactions and enable greater access and most importantly greater independence for the blind. This talk presents a case study of our work to develop a conversational user interface for accessibility for multifunction printers (MFP). It describes our approach to conversational interfaces in general and the specifics of the solution we created for MFPs. It also presents a user study we performed to assess the solution and guide our future efforts.


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