Towards AI Augmented Photography - Naver Labs Europe
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Date: 18th February 2020, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Speaker: Sonia Dahdouh and Jean-François Goudou – MEERO PARIS

Abstract :
Meero is pioneering the production of large volumes of professionally edited photos, with a dedicated set of automation tools for producers and editors from guidelines checking to color, contrast and geometry enhancement. Yet, major fields of research are still open in this field. Three of them are of utmost importance to shift from optics-first hardware to tryingto replicate a perception of a scene based on heavily processed optics signals. The first field of research we target is generating professional-grade photos from any kind of source signal. The second is the capability to manipulate these photos directly at an object level (addition, suppression, movement, including lights).
The third is the assessment of aesthetic quality in photos, with as much objectivity as possible.

Ceci correspond à une petite biographie d'environ 200 caractéres