On extracting and using semantic information - Naver Labs Europe
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rakuten logoSpeaker: Martin Rezk, researcher at Rakuten Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Abstract: Semantic technologies are increasingly gaining importance to cope with the wealth of data that humans are confronted with in diverse application domains. In this talk we will first briefly discuss how industries such as Google (Internet) or Statoil (Oil) are using semantic technologies today. Then we will show how Rakuten and PriceMinister (e-commerce) extract and combine semantic information from product titles, descriptions, and images to maintain and enhance their ontologies, to improve the user selling experience, and to build fine-grained marketing campaigns. In the third part of the talk we will discuss how semantic information can be used to support users to access relational databases by enriching the data with a conceptual layer that they can query and understand.

Joint presentation with Simona Maggio.

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