On the Preservation of Evolving Digital Content - The Continuum Approach and Relevant Metadata Models - Naver Labs Europe

We consider the preservation of digital objects in continually evolv-ing ecosystems, for which traditional lifecycle approaches are less appropriate. Motivated by the Records Continuum theory, we define an approach that com-bines active life with preservation and is non-custodial, which we refer to as the continuum approach. Preserving objects and their associated environment intro-duces high level of complexity. We therefore describe a model-driven ap-proach, termed the Continuum approach, in which models rather than the digital objects themselves can be analysed. In such setting, the use of appropriate metadata is very important, we therefore outline the PERICLES Linked Re-source Model, an upper ontology for modelling digital ecosystems, and com-pare and contrast it to the Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard, developed within the record keeping community.