From abstract specifications to application generation - Naver Labs Europe


We present an approach for platform-agnostic application modelling, complemented by an execution and lifecycle management protocol. It enables a systematic way of generating native applications capable of leveraging specific features and sensors for any target device while contextualizing them to the needs of the application logic. In addition, it provides a way to maintain and update all the deployed instances simultaneously across the variety of target devices, without requiring client-side intervention. The application modelling is geared towards non-technical users, giving them the means to easily create, distribute and manage fully functioning applications across a range of client platforms such as
mobile devices or voice assistants without worrying about devicelevel programming. When required, the generated applications can be quickly customized for better end-user experience by developers with device knowledge, starting from generated code and leveraging the same cloud-based application logic.

This abstract was first published on the 17th January 2020.

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