Fast Adaptation of Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Navigation Skills to Human Preference - Naver Labs Europe
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Deep reinforcement learning (RL) is being actively studied for robot navigation due to its promise of superior performance and robustness. However, most existing deep RL navigation agents are trained using fixed parameters, such as maximum velocities and weightings of reward components. Since the optimal choice of parameters depends on the usecase, it can be difficult to deploy such existing methods in a variety of real-world service scenarios. In this paper, we propose a novel deep RL navigation method that can adapt its policy to a wide range of parameters and reward functions without expensive retraining. Additionally, we explore a Bayesian deep learning method to optimize these parameters that requires only a small amount of preference data. We empirically show that our method can learn diverse navigation skills and quickly adapt its policy to a given performance metric or to human preference. We also demonstrate our method in real-world scenarios.

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