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Mimetics dataset

The Mimetics dataset contains 713 video clips from YouTube of mimed actions for a subset of 50 classes from the Kinetics400 dataset.

It allows to evaluate on out-of-context human actions methods that have been trained on Kinetics.


When using or referring to this dataset, please cite our paper [LINK].

  author = {Weinzaepfel, Philippe and Rogez, Gr\’egory},
  title = {Mimetics: Towards Understanding Human Actions Out of Context},
  journal = {arXiv},
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  • 12/2019: release of version 1.0


You can download the Mimetics dataset.

The zip files contain the following files:

  • readme.txt for info about the files
  • mimetics_v1.0.csv that contain URLs and timestamps of the YouTube clips following the Kinetics format, you can thus use similar script such as this one to download and trim the videos.
  • mimetics_v1.0_clsannot.txt contains annotation about the size of the manipulated objects as well as the relevance of a particular scene for each class. Object sizes are either “no”, “small”, “medium” or “large”. In the paper, we report either for no/small object and medium/large. Scene label is either “yes” or “no”.
  • mimetics_v1.0_objectsceneannot.txt contains annotation per video (one video per line) about the presence of a relevant object, of a relevant scene, as well as a binary label whether the actor is a mime artist. The object is a binary label that indicates whether a relevant object is present or not, and similarly for the scene label.