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14 June 2019

Mapping the Retail World, Every Store, Every Product, Every Day

June 27th - Speaker: Sarjoun Skaff, Cofounder and CTO of Bossa Nova Robotics, US
14 June 2019

Explainable, Verifiable, Relational Representation Learning from Knowledge Graphs

June 27th - Speaker: Pasquale Minervini, Research Associate in Statistical NLP & ML at UCL, London, UK
12 June 2019

“I Don’t Understand…” Issues in Self-Quantifying Commuting

This paper illustrates the results of a study that we conducted on the effectiveness of self-tracking of commuting data where participants received daily feedback on the financial costs and CO2 emissions associated to their mobility practices.
29 May 2019

Improving the Generalization of Visual Navigation Policies using Invariance Regularization

Training agents to operate in one environment often yields overfitted models that are unable to generalize to the changes in that environment.
27 May 2019

Dealing with Imbalanced Data, and, Interpretability via Adversarial Regularization

June 13th - Speaker: Rémi Emonet, Researcher at Laboratoire Hubert Curien
27 May 2019

Visual Localization by Learning Objects-of-Interest Dense Match Regression

We introduce a novel CNN-based approach for visual localization from a single RGB image that relies on densely matching a set of Objects-of-Interest (OOIs).
21 May 2019

Learning Common Representation from RGB and Depth Images

We propose a new deep learning architecture for the tasks of semantic segmentation and depth prediction from RGB-D images.
21 May 2019

Learning something from (almost) nothing

June 14th - Speakers: Cristian Cardellino & Milagro Teruel, National University of Cordoba, Argentina.
14 May 2019

Video-ethnographic studies of the interaction with and the use of digital voice assistants at home

May 24th - Speaker: Moustafa Zouinar, Researcher & associate Professor at Orange & CNAM, Paris, France.
14 May 2019

4D Modeling

May 24th - Speaker: Edmond Boyer, senior researcher at INRIA, Grenoble, France where he leads the Morpheo research team
13 May 2019

Ethical Considerations for AI Researchers & A Multifunction Printer Conversational User Interface for the Blind

May 21st - Speaker: Kyle Dent, research area manager at PARC, USA.
13 May 2019

Visual Localization

May 15th - We hosting guests from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Heidelberg who will speak about their respective work on visual localization.