Vital Records
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Welcome to the Vital Records demo.

We recommend you read the short instructions that follow to get the most out of exploring the 80,000 records from the diocese of Passau, Germany from 1848 to 1887.

At the moment the demo covers Death records but you’ll soon be able to combine queries with Birth and Marriage records over the same period.The fields in the form below correspond with the information stored in the database. Some fields e.g. ‘Occupation’, match the most frequently stored values. All values are systematically lower cased but will match all words containing these values including those capitalised I.e. ‘bauer’ matches Bauerskind, Bauerstocher etc. The current user interface is fairly primitive and we’re working on a new release for June 2020.
Temporal information (associating a date to a record) may be noisy, and will also be improved.

Vital Records demonstrator
Test the Vital Records demonstrator and try out different queries.

How it works and some sample queries:

To start and pause the temporal animation click on the arrow in the slider.

Hover over the map for pointers to more information. Clicking on these will take you to the original record in the Transkribus collection (read the blog for more details and how to access Transkribus).

Selecting ‘contains’ and ‘monthly’ are recommended.

Sample queries (NB you will not the fields selected in these recordings):

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