An Ad-hoc ‘Technology-Driven’ Creativity Method - Naver Labs Europe


In innovation, many actors look for ways to generate new ideas i.e. to support creativity. In this paper we present a work conducted in a project that is “technol-ogy-driven”. A new haptic technology is in search of a context of use. As ergon-omists and designers we tried two methodologies to support ideation. The first one is a rather classical creativity session in a ‘focus group’. The second one is ‘technology-driven’ as it is first based on the experience with the prototype. The technology-driven methodology is divided in two steps. In the first one the partic-ipants experience the new haptic technology and try to imagine relevant use cases. The second step is another interview occurring a couple of days after the first one, where the participants report if they found any new use case between the two interviews. The conclusions show that both methodologies are very comple-mentary. In the creativity session, the quantity of produced use cases is higher and more ‘out of the box’. In the technology-driven, the ideas of use-case are more aligned with the haptic technology.