Deploying Computer Vision Algorithms on Embedded Devices - Naver Labs Europe
    7 March 2019
    Grenoble, France
    Job Type
    Start date
    Q1 2019
    4-6 months


    The mission of NAVER LABS Europe is to advance the state-of-the-art in Ambient Intelligence including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D mapping, augmented reality and robotics while paving the way for these innovations into NAVER products and services.

    The edge computing group focuses on bringing ambient intelligence to the edge to improve the user experience while respecting their privacy. Devices such as mobile phone or SoC platforms are more and more powerful which allow the processing of the data close to where they’re generated.

    The goal of this internship is to enable new type of applications by bringing advanced computer vision algorithms on devices with CPU/Memory or bandwidth constraints.

    In this internship, the intern will focus on some of the following tasks in collaboration with the other team members:

    • Select relevant computer vision algorithms such as object detection and classification
    • Target embedded devices based on their power consumption from 10-20W (Nvidia Tegra TX2, Drive PX, AGX Xavier) to a few a few watts (Raspberry Pi) or even less (GAP8).
    • Port and evaluate performances
    • Develop applications demonstrating the performance of some of the embedded platforms.

    Required skills

    - Master Students in Computer Science.
    - Development skills: C/C++/C#, Java, python, with some experience of mobile platforms.
    - Knowledge in computer vision and machine learning techniques is a plus
    - Highly motivated.

    Application instructions

    Please note that applicants must be registered students at a university or other academic institution and that this establishment will need to sign an 'Internship Convention' with NAVER LABS Europe before the student is accepted.
    You can apply for this internship online (see below). Don't forget to upload your CV and cover letter before you submit.
    Incomplete applications will not be accepted

    About NAVER LABS

    NAVER LABS is a world class team of self-motivated and highly engaged researchers, engineers and interface designers collaborating together to create next generation ambient intelligence technology and services that are rich with the organic understanding they have of users, their contexts and situations.

    Since 2013 LABS has led NAVER’s innovation in technology through products such as the AI-based translation app ‘Papago’, the omni-tasking web browser ‘Whale’, the virtual AI assistant ‘WAVE’, in-vehicle information entertainment system ‘AWAY’ and M1, the 3D indoor mapping robot.

    The team in Europe is multidisciplinary and extremely multicultural specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, UX and ethnography. We collaborate with many partners in the European scientific community on R&D projects.

    NAVER LABS Europe is located in the south east of France in Grenoble. The notoriety of Grenoble comes from its exceptional natural environment and scientific ecosystem with 21,000 jobs in public and private research. It is home to 1 of the 4 French national institutes in AI called MIAI (Multidisciplinary Innovation in Ai) It has a large student community (over 62,000 students) and is a lively and cosmopolitan place, offering a host of leisure opportunities. Grenoble is close to both the Swiss and Italian borders and is the ideal place for skiing, hiking, climbing, hang gliding and all types of mountain sports.

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